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Please read over all policies before booking appointment.

Each day our grooming calendar is very full, we schedule appointments back-to-back, and we turn people away to hold reservations. Our policies are put in place to run the salon like a well-oiled machine for the physical and mental safety of your dog, you and the staff.

Unfortunately, too many people have cancelled with very little lead time, or simply don't show up, and then expect us to simply reschedule them.

Therefore, we must enforce the following guidelines:
Your First Visit:
We prefer the pet parent to bring in and pick up on their first visit. That way we can get information about your pet’s personality, temperament and get a good understanding of the type of haircut you want for your dog.

Our prices are based on breed, size and the length of time spent grooming your dog. Therefore, prices can fluctuate depending on change in haircut, size of pet at time of service, condition of coat or length of time between appointments.  Dogs that go more than 8 weeks between appointments usually require more time and can be expected to be 10%-20% higher than normal pricing.

Prior to receiving any services, all owners must provide proof of current Rabies Vaccination.  The Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine is not required but is recommended. Dogs must not be vaccinated within 72 hours prior to their appointment.

We recommend re-booking your appointment at checkout. This is because our current clients are all on a 2,4,6 or 8 week schedule. If you do not rebook we cannot guarantee your pet a spot at your desired time If your pet is not rescheduled at your appointment unfortunately we may not be able to accommodate your pet in the future.

Pick Up:
Late pick-ups put us behind schedule and conflict with other clients who arrive on time for their appointment. You will get a 10-15 minute heads up before your pet is ready. On-time pick-up is required since we have limited space and do not offer daycare services. Please note you may be charged a late fee if you are late.

We are a stress free grooming salon. In order to keep a stress free, safe environment for your furry family member, we groom by appointment only and each pet is given a specific time slot based on their breed, weight, and service they’ll receive. Your spa appointment is a reservation for the individualized attention we provide each pet. We can only take a limited number of appointments each day. A missed appointment is a loss of income to a small business owner. If an appointment is missed with no notification or canceled day of you will be billed 50% of your grooming service for that day (or $50 whichever is more).  Please cancel your appointment 24-48 hours before. We have a waitlist of clients that will be willing to take your slot.

No Flea Policy:
All dogs coming to the salon must have flea and tick prevention within 30 days of their appointment. Please do not treat dogs with topical flea and tick prevention 24 hours prior to their appointments. Dogs with fleas will be sent home immediately and charged a minimum of $30 for a clean-up fee.

Senior Pets:
The oldie but goodies must be in good physical and mental health.  Grooming can be stressful for older dogs and stress could weaken the immune system; therefore, we do not groom senior pets in bad health. Some senior pets also become intolerant to the grooming process as they age, causing them to become resistant.  This is dangerous.  Should this be the case, you will be referred to a groomer within a veterinary clinic.  Senior dogs MUST be able to stand through the groom on their own.

Nature Calls:
Please potty your dog at home before arriving at salon. Pups with full bellies can experience “belly aches” and anxious behavior during the grooming process.